Brockenhurst village walk

A short history of Brockenhurst

Well known for the diversity of its shops, tea houses, pubs and restaurants.

Ponies and donkeys roam freely in the village. They drink from ‘The Watersplash’ at the bottom of the main street on their way to graze on the open heathland and ancient wood around the village.

Brockenhurst was the only village within the New Forest whose value in the Domesday survey of 1086 was doubled to £4. Many others at that time were reduced. It was also the only village mentioned as having a church. St. Nicholas, built upon a mound, may date back to Pagan times.


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Start from the railway station car park in Brockenhurst. Turn left out of the train station then turn 1st left into Brookley Road and continue down through the village shops to "The Watersplash"

Cross the bridge and turn left into Burley Road. Go across the end of "The Rise" and go to the fence on left around the last house before a green Forest Lawn.

Leave the road and turn left over the lawn – known as Culverley Green. Cross over the small bridge and go past the school on your left.

At the B3055 main Sway Road, cross the road, turn left and after a few yards a right turn will take you through an alley leading to the end of The Close. Leaving this, turn left with Brockenhurst railway station on your right.

Cut through to the railway station car park. Leave the station by the level crossing and turn right across the track. Cross the main A337 (towards Lymington), ignore Mill Lane but take the next track and follow the lane to "St Nicholas’s Church"

At the bottom of the lane bear to the left and come to North Lodge. Cross Mill Lane (taking care of traffic) to the cottage and lane opposite.

Proceed along this footpath, over the railway lines and drop down to Brockenhurst College grounds on your right hand side. This lane comes out to the junction of the A337 at The Rose and Crown public house.

Turn left and continue along this road back to the train station car park.