With over 3,200 vessels afloat, four sailing clubs and considerable number of visitors, the river is a busy sailing environment. So, when you’re planning an event it’s important to consult the Harbour Authority to make sure there’s enough time to plan how to manage busy traffic levels.

Major events will also be reported through Notices to River Users, and the organiser will need to complete an Event Notification Form.

Planning an event

If you’re planning an event of any size on the river, you must contact the Harbour Office to give as much notice as possible. This is particularly important if your event will be held on weekend, when the tides are favourable or when the weather is likely to be good.

This forward planning will make sure that any navigational risks and their impact on other river traffic can be managed. For each event, the organiser must complete a risk assessment and an event notification form. The event notification form must then be given to the Harbour Master for approval. Risk assessments may be scrutinised.

Early notice will allow deconfliction with other events. Depending on the nature of the event, the Harbour Master may issue a notice to river users.

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