The River Hamble Harbour Authority’s primary responsibility is to maintain safety within the river and its approaches.

The Harbour Authority uses its powers to help educate and enforce safety in the River. River users must make themselves familiar with the safety information we provide.

River byelaws

The River Hamble byelaws should be read and understood by all river users. Failure to comply will result in civil prosecution.

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Speed limits

The Speed Limit within the River Hamble is 6 knots.

The speed limit applies everywhere north of the number 1 mark at the mouth of the river.

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Incident reporting

Report all incidents to the Harbour Authority immediately. This includes accidents, collisions or near-misses. You must also report minor incidents when berthing that involve other vessels.

VHF Ch 68, Phone: 01489 576387,  [email protected]

Incident report form

Safety newsletters

The Harbour Master issues safety newsletters twice a year. These include advice on current safety issues and trends and should be read by all those using the river.

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