Dues and moorings

We manage over 600 midstream moorings on the River Hamble on behalf of the Crown Estate. With access to the Solent, good communications facilities and a range of boating services available in this area, it’s a popular choice for anyone looking to moor their vessel.

As the demand for moorings in this area is high, we have a waiting list for prospective mooring holders to join. For some of the categories included this can mean a relatively short wait, but for some of the more popular categories, the wait can be ten years or longer.

We also offer visitor moorings for people if you don't wish to keep your vessel on the river permanently.

Harbour dues

Harbour dues are fees paid by river users if you are visiting with your boat or jet ski or if you moor on the river.

Find out more about harbour dues

Harbour master on patrol near moored boats
Silhouette of harbour