Diesel and petrol fuel is available at Port Hamble Marina and Premier Marina Swanwick. Call either marina on VHF channel 80.

Oils, diesel and petrol are damaging to the marine environment. When fuelling, ensure that the tank is not overfilled and avoid distractions, as these are the main cause of spillages.

When fuelling your vessel:

  • use a funnel when pouring or decanting oil or other hazardous fluids.
  • use a bilge sock to absorb oil or fuel in the bilges.
  • use inline bilge filters.
  • dispose of waste oil and fuel-soaked materials at appropriate shoreside facilities.
  • never use detergents to disperse spillages.
  • Spillage of any quantity of oil or fuel is to be reported to the Harbour Office on VHF channel 68 or by phoning 01489 576387

    Skippers can reduce the risk of a spillage by following these rules:


    • ensure the crew is always briefed by the skipper
    • establish how much fuel is required before you start refuelling
    • check and confirm which tank is to be re-filled
    • turn off electrical supplies
    • block deck scuppers with oil absorbent material
    • monitor for possible tank overflow throughout refuelling
    • ensure a supply of oil absorbent material is immediately available


    • smoke or use naked lights
    • attempt to overfill tanks
    • leave the nozzle unattended

    Anyone found to have contaminated the harbour will be liable for prosecution under the Merchant Shipping Act 1994 and the River Hamble Byelaws.

    Find out more about oil spills on our Environment page.

    Fuel berth at Port Hamble Marina
    Fuel berth at Port Hamble Marina