Waste disposal

All river users have a legal and moral responsibility to ensure the estuary is not contaminated through the incorrect disposal of waste, such as galley waste, sewage, oil, chemicals or other.

Help us all to protect wildlife and keep our waters a clean place for all to enjoy by disposing of waste properly at the appropriate facilities available at marinas, boatyards and clubs, or make use of the Harbour Authority’s facilities at Warsash.

If you are uncertain about the provision of waste facilities, contact the Harbour Master’s Office for advice.

The River Hamble Port Waste Management Plan.

General and recyclable waste

Dispose of rubbish and recycling in the bins provided at marinas, clubs or at the Harbour Master’s Office. Glass and bottles may also be disposed of at the Passage Lane facility near the Harbour Master’s Office.

Hazardous Waste (oil filters, waste oil, used batteries)

Hazardous waste must be disposed of in specially designated bins or tanks, available in most marinas and at the Harbour Master's Office.

International Catering Waste - Category 1 By-Product

This must only be disposed of in special sealed bins marked ‘Category 1 By-Product for Disposal Only’ that are available at some larger marinas and at the Harbour Master’s Office. The correct paperwork must also be completed.

Sewage or black water

Avoid discharging sewage into the Harbour. Holding tanks must be used where fitted, and even better is to use shore-side toilet facilities when on a walk-ashore berth.  Pump-out facilities for holding tanks are available at Swanwick Marina and at the Harbour Master’s jetty at Warsash as well as others elsewhere in the Solent, see the Green Blue’s environmental facilities map.

Time-expired marine pyrotechnics (TEPs)

The arrangements for disposing of time-expired pyrotechnics has recently changed. Do not contact the coastguard, but instead, use the Green Blue’s environmental facilities map which indicates the available disposal sites near the Solent.

Sustainable boating advice

It’s very important that we minimise our impact on the environment in and around the river as much as possible. Follow our guidance for sustainable boating.

Further information

General information on waste and recycling can be found on the Hampshire Waste and Recycling website and information on and links to relevant sites regarding sewage and waste management while boating can be found on the RYA website.