Winging at Calshot

Learn the basics of winging and advance to wingfoiling with our progressive courses.

What is winging?

Winging is an exhilarating watersport that combines elements of windsurfing and kitesurfing. Participants stand on a small board and hold a wing-shaped sail while being propelled across the water by the force of the wind. With the incorporation of a foil, winging enthusiasts can lift the board above the water's surface, achieving a smooth and effortless glide - a thrilling sensation of flight!

Winging at Calshot

Thanks to our unique location on the shores of the Solent, with access to both sheltered and more challenging water, Calshot is the ideal venue for both novice wingsurfers and experienced wingfoilers.

As an RYA training centre, we offer courses and experiences for all levels, covering everything from the basics of getting going and turning round on a SUP board and first flights right though to sustained flights and beyond.

We have the latest kit that has been selected to maximise your learning and make it as easy as possible to get from wingsurfing to foiling.