Boat launch and storage

Launch and storage facilities for boats, wind/kite surfboards, and SUP/kayaks

Launching fees

Launching fees are payable in addition to daily parking fees.

  • Kayak, SUP, Windsurf or Winging - Free
  • Kite surfers - Access pass required (£25)
  • All other craft (24 hour rate, one visit to site only) - £19

Landing fees

Landing and/or mooring at Calshot Activities Centre jetty or pontoon is by pre-arrangement only. Contact us for more information and to ensure your safe exit following landing.

  • Each adult - £1
  • Each child - 50p

Mooring and/or commercial landing requests - contact us

Annual launching pass - £240

Save time and money by purchasing an annual launching pass. Launching passes are effective for 12 months from the month of purchase.

Benefits include:

  • Discount on daily launching and parking rates
  • No need to worry about carrying change to feed parking / launching meters
  • Swift entry and exit to the main slipway area and exit from site and – no need to validate your parking period at the pay stations
  • Record two cars on one annual launching pass (if both cars are on site at the same time, parking day rates will apply to the second vehicle)

Buy an annual launching pass

Boat storage

Convenient for Southampton and the New Forest, use of storage facilities includes year-round launching, use of wash off point, showers and toilets. An open storage facility is available with access to both tidal and non-tidal launching areas. Unfortunately, we do not offer storage facilities for jet skis or ‘project’ boats.

Annual fees from April 2022

LOA = Length overall. Measured from tip of the trailer to aft - most part of boat (including engine overhang).

  • All fees (except beach rate or boat lockers) include site and launch nest access.
  • Members of the boat park can have two vehicles registered, but only one vehicle can be on site at one time.
  • Any craft found stored on site without the centre’s permission will be removed.

Calshot slipway

The slipway extends to the mean low water mark where there is a step off the end, exposed at spring lows. Launching is possible at most states of the tile, though weed growth and shingle may hinder recovery at mid to low water. Strong cross currents may occur, and special care should be taken if launching / recovering in a N – NE wind. All slipway users do so entirely at their own risk.

 Band Size of craft Cost
 A Monohull up to 3.49m LOA £186
 B Monohull 3.5m up to 4.49m LOA £343
 C Monohull 4.5m up to 5.49m LOA £501
 D Monohull 5.5m up to 6.49m LOA £611
 E Monohull 6.5m up to 7.49m LOA £784
 F Monohull 7.5m up to 8.49m LOA £973
 G Monohull 8.5m up to 9.49m LOA £1157
 H Monohull 9.5m up to 10.49m LOA £1403
 R Monohull 10.5m up to 13m LOA £1587
  Monohull craft with beam in excess of 4.6m Please enquire
 Beach Tender / dinghy up to 3m LOA without trailer in designated beach area. Does not include site or launch area access.
  Catamaran with beam 2.5m to 4.59m Mono rate plus 25%
  Catamaran with beam 4.6m to 6m Mono rate plus 50%
  Catamaran with beam over 6m Mono rate plus 75%
  Commercial vessels Add 20% to rates above
  Boat Lockers. Does not include site or launch area access. £100
  Late renewal fee £30 per month
  Short term storage (up to 4 weeks) Please enquire

Wind/kite surf and SUP/kayaks storage

A secure storage area is available at Calshot Activities Centre. The area is racked out with each rack capable of holding two boards plus equipment, or one kayak, up to 3.5m long.

Fees from April 2022

  • Rack - £80  per year
  • Late payment fee - £5 per month

All items must be contained within the confines of the rack. Daily or annual parking fees are payable in addition to the fees above, please see parking at Calshot for further information.

Frequently asked questions

Boat insurance - what is required?

Everyone who stores their boat at Calshot Activities Centre is required to confirm they hold the necessary level of insurance (see Calshot Marine Rule 2).

What if I don't have boat insurance?

Calshot Marine Rule 2 requires all boat storage owners to have adequate insurance, and you will be required to confirm that this is in place.

Where can I find the current Calshot site and marine rules?

Here are links to the current Calshot site rules and the Calshot marine rules.


Can I access the creekside slipway and the pontoon?

Boat storage customers will be provided with creekside slipway gate and pontoon access codes once annual storage fees are paid (except beach rate customers). You are reminded that these codes should not be disclosed to others to minimise misuse by others.

Where should I store my boat on site?

You will be allocated a designated storage bay. Please do not leave your craft in any other bay. Marine Rule 12 will apply to any boat stored incorrectly. If you are unable to return your boat to your allocated bay, please ensure you advise Reception/Security/Duty Manager whilst you are still on site.

Where should I park my car?

Cars should be parked in designated car parking areas. Please do not park in boat storage bays or between rows of boats.

Do I have to pay for parking through the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system?

No, your boat storage fee includes site a launch nest access. Boat park members can have two vehicles registered, but only one vehicle can be on site at any given time unless you fall into the Beach Rate category.

What is the beach rate?

The Beach Rate has been introduced for small tenders/dinghies up to 3.0m LOA that are stored without a trailer in our designated beach area. These craft can be launched from the shore and do not require access to the creekside slipway gate or pontoon. Site and launching area vehicle access is not included with the beach rate and should be purchased separately if required.

How will I be able to access the main slipway?

Once you have paid your 2021-22 boat storage fees we will add your car registration details to the ANPR system. Please allow three working days for us to update our systems. This will enable you to enter/exit the main slipway area without additional (non-refundable) charge.

Where are the ANPR barriers?

There are entry/exit barriers at the main entrance to the site. In addition, there are entry/exit barriers limiting access to the main slipway to fee paying customers only.

I regularly bring two vehicles to site at the same time, do I need to pay parking fees?

If you have registered two vehicles to your boat and both are on site at the same time, you will need to pay daily parking fees for the second vehicle to enter the site. If you regularly have two vehicles on site at the same time you may wish to purchase an annual parking pass via our online system. Parking charges can be found here.

What does 'disclosing information' mean on the boat storage form?

The centre works closely with Hampshire County Council's Safeguarding team to ensure all our customers are sufficiently protected whilst under our care and supervision. Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone's responsibility. Anyone visiting the site with an obligation to disclose information relating to safeguarding must do so. Thank you for your support in this important area. For a confidential discussion please contact the centre and ask for the Business Support Manager.

I am trying to renew my boat storage online, but the band rate appears to be incorrect

We have determined the rate you need to pay based on the overall LOA of your craft. If you are disputing the LOA, please contact the centre by emailing

I have already removed my boat from Calshot Activities Centre and will not be returning

Please confirm this by emailing

I have a general question about my boat storage renewal - who should I contact?

Please email We aim to respond to enquiries within three working days.