Hampshire Covid Travel

Last update: March 2021

Scheme overview

Hampshire County Council is committed to creating better spaces for people walking and cycling in and around our towns to enable social distancing for safe, essential journeys and exercise during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic recovery phases.

Hampshire County Council has secured £3.28 million from a successful bid to the Government’s Active Travel Fund. The funding will be used to provide a range of measures to create better spaces for walking and cycling in local communities.

This is the second tranche of funding made available for active travel measures from the Government and follows a successful bid earlier in the year for £863,000 for temporary pop-up measures to help people socially distance more easily as they returned to high streets and town centres and to make it easier to walk and cycle after the first national lockdown. This resulted in over 40 new schemes across Hampshire, providing people with the space to travel by bike or by foot while keeping a safe social distance.

The Tranche 1 temporary pop up measures will continue to be maintained, monitored and reviewed in the short term. Where feedback has indicated the schemes that have been successful, they will be enhanced to improve their resilience and maintenance requirements as temporary measures.

While the funding has been made available through a Government initiative in response to the pandemic, it is important to note that these measures support the County Council’s established priorities to:

  • Improve air quality in local communities;
  • Reduce carbon emissions in line with the Climate Change Strategy (37% of Hampshire’s emissions currently come from transport);
  • Support local businesses (as people interact more within their communities);
  • Support the wellbeing of Hampshire residents (by providing more active travel options);
  • Accelerating ambitions for a green and healthy Hampshire.

Working with the community

The County Council wants to install measures that the community will support, and will use. This feedback is vital from the early planning stages through to completion. Please see the Communications and Engagement plan for the Active Travel Schemes

The County Council is committed to monitoring and evaluating each scheme, to establish impact and outcomes, and adjust as necessary.

Projects prioritised and included in the funding bid

Improvements to high streets – This includes the centres of Aldershot in Rushmoor, Romsey in Test Valley, Brockenhurst in the New Forest, Petersfield in East Hampshire, Stubbington in Fareham, Eastleigh and Winchester to allocate more space to walking and cycling as well as funding to make some of the temporary pop-up schemes better suited to supporting the recovery agenda in the medium term. , (subject to favourable ongoing local consultation). These schemes will help to support recovery of these town centres and will be advanced in close liaison with the appropriate Local Authorities and interested parties;

New cycle routes – These include proposals for a new segregated cycleway on Brighton Way, Basingstoke, footway widening and traffic management on Old Lynchford Road and Camp Road in North Camp, Farnborough, and improvements to signage to walking and cycling routes that connect to the Eclipse Bus Rapid Transit corridor between Fareham and Gosport;

Transforming neighbourhoods – proposals include: 

  • Low Traffic Neighbourhood Kit - a kit of moveable planters and temporary street furniture including replacing parking spaces with seating, greenery or bike racks which would be deployed for trial periods at different locations where the community want to see low traffic neighbourhoods introduced,
  • School Cycle Support - measures for schools that support more active travel;
  • Business Cycle Parking - businesses will be able to apply for a grant in due course to help increase the take up of staff cycling through the provision of bike racks/shelters or e-bike loans.
  • E-scooter trial – hire service linking to the Eclipse BRT between Gosport & Fareham.

Strategic active travel corridor - To deliver side road crossing improvements to support walking along the A27 corridor between Park Gate and Portchester including raised crossings, as the first stage of a more comprehensive package of improvements on this corridor.

Maintaining and monitoring impact of the new schemes
– funding to help maintain these new schemes implemented and to enable the County Council to undertake monitoring and evaluation of their impact.


Have Your Say - Closed

Following the successful Active Travel Fund award the County Council are now in the process of analysing the survey results. The County Council is keen to ensure that the schemes reflect the needs of the local community and as such a detailed consultation exercise has been undertaken for each scheme.

The following links provide specific details on each scheme;

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