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Last update: July 2020

Scheme overview

A range of temporary changes are being made across the county to provide more road space for people walking and cycling – keeping a safe social distance as they begin to go back to work and school after the Coronavirus lockdown. Further schemes are in development to support retail spaces which mean taking traffic and parking out of our town centres to create space. These plans are being developed with Hampshire’s district and borough councils, Business Improvement Districts, town and parish councils, and other organisations who have expressed an interest.

Hants Covid Travel Map 

Hants Covid Travel Map is a campaign to help people stay safe and help communities thrive during COVID-19.

Hampshire County Council is committed to creating better spaces for people walking and cycling in and around our towns to enable physical distancing for safe, essential journeys and exercise during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic - and as we work towards a period of recovery.
The County Council has worked with Commonplace to create this map tool to help you flag up areas of concern in your community where temporary measures could make a positive difference.

This one simple site is where you can make suggestions and also see what other ideas have been raised too.

Things the County Council are considering include:

  • widening footways, especially on high streets, to ensure that those walking and queuing for essential goods are able to keep two metres from each other;
  • installing measures to restrict through traffic from using residential streets to ensure that physical distancing can occur on residential streets, especially in locations that form an access route to a local amenity;
  • installing temporary cycle lanes and temporary cycle parking. 

We will monitor all suggestions that fall within the above categories, and prioritise them based on the extent to which they help to meet the objectives of the programme. Due to limited resources, we will not be responding to suggestions individually.

New signs and lines on footways to help social distancing for those going to work, school, or shopping in the high street can be requested by district and borough councils, Business Improvement Districts, town and parish councils, and other large organisations, following Hampshire County Council guidance . The County Council will then check the plans and approve the works for the organisation to carry out.

More complex proposals which have the potential to affect traffic flow and junctions, including traffic signals, will require a more formal approval from the County Council as the Highway Authority and may require emergency traffic orders. The County Council is keen to work with organisations to guide them through the formalities so that they can then implement the approved works themselves.

Very complex proposals, including larger areas, may require a formal scheme to be developed with design and implementation carried out by the County Council as Highway Authority to ensure full compliance with all current highway standards. In these cases, the County Council will take on the delivery role on behalf of the promoting organisation.

Application for approval of a scheme should be made by an organisation to saferplaces@hants.gov.uk

Hants Covid Travel Map: protecting people while keeping our region moving more easily and safely during the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

NOTE: if you need to report a highways hazard, please use this online form.

If you are a school and need further travel planning support e.g. maps for parents or help with Park and Stride locations, please contact the Travel Planning Team or visit My Journey.


Work taking place on week commencing 6 July 2020 on some of the schemes in Hampshire to provide more space for pedestrians and cyclists, with more to follow, includes;

Petersfield - The Spine (Lavant, Chapel, The Square, High Street) Reallocation of parking to give more space to pedestrians coupled with information signing along this area. It is also envisaged that new cycle stands will be introduced in Market Square, so cyclists have an area to park and secure their bicycles. A closure of Swan Street between High Street and Chapel Street to allow access only for buses.
Eastleigh, West End Centre - High Street   Closure of parking area to provide additional space for pedestrians. 

Works to be carried out in the next few weeks;

Various tunnels and underpasses Signing and lining to facilitate social distancing in the following locations: 
Prospect Rd Farnborough;
Chapel Hill Basingstoke and Vyne Rd;
Stockbridge Rd Winchester;
Winchester Rd sun arch Romsey;
Greatbridge Rd Romsey;
Station Rd Portchester;
High St Aldershot;
Rectory Rd Aldershot;
Romsey Rd Winchester;
St James lane Winchester;
Park Rd Winchester;

Works in design/assessment phase;

Fareham, Quay Street junction at West Street Widen east-side of footway by narrowing the carriageway.
Waterlooville, Wellington Retail Park Shared use path, social distancing measures on ramp from Wellington Retail Park to Maurepas Way toucan crossing.
Redbridge Causeway to Commercial Road, Totton  Temporary closure of part of part of Redbridge Causeway, utilising road space by moving carriageway into hatching and making more space available for cyclists and or pedestrians for journeys into out of Totton and onwards into Southampton.
Numerous railway tunnels with narrow footways across Hampshire  Aim is to provide more space for pedestrians. Options being considered include shuttle running signals with pedestrian green phase, removal of guard railing and modal filters.
South Lea Surgery, Lower Farnham Rd, Aldershot  One way pedestrian system.

Works completed;



Jewry Street, Winchester Lane narrowing on sections of Jewry St providing additional space for pedestrians.
North Wall, Winchester Removal of one lane to provide dedicated space for cyclists and more room for pedestrians.
Hyde Street, Winchester Modal filter to reduce traffic flow onto North Walls and provide lighter traffic route from Worthy Road for cyclists.
Marine Parade East, Lee on the Solent Removal of short length of parking to give adequate space for cyclists.

Side streets/lanes connecting Broadwater car park with The Hundred


Introduce one-way and two-way systems for pedestrians (for social distancing) between Broadwater Car Park and the bus station, Newton Lane Car Park and Bell Street, and Alma Road Car Park and Latimer Street. 
Camp Road and North Camp The scheme will create more space on Camp Road for pedestrians to social distance and queue outside shops. 
Station Road Aldershot Reallocation of carriageway space to pedestrians between town and bus/railway stations.
Victoria Road Aldershot Suspending on-street parking spaces to widen footway for pedestrians around shops and accesses to shopping centre/pedestrianised streets.
Old Lynchford Road Modal filter at St Albans roundabout to restrict access into Old Lynchford Road (modal filter) coupled with parking suspensions and signing scheme.
Lanes between Black Swan Yard and George Yard Car Park and High Street, Andover Introducing advisory keep left signing and white lining for pedestrians using the lanes to assist with social distancing between the car parks and the High Street.
Chapel Hill, Basingstoke Potential Road Closure with access only given to buses and taxis. Objectives are to provide more space for pedestrians and cyclists particularly on the section under the railway bridge. Please view the diversion plan here

Public Transport, Hampshire


Social distancing posters are being installed at 3250 stops out of the approx. 7000 stops now in operation.
Our 450 RTI units have been displaying social distancing messages from the start of the breakout and will now display the same information as on the posters.
600 of our busiest stops are having footprints painted on the footways/waiting areas to encourage social distancing.
48 Parish Councils have expressed interest in printing off/laminating and putting up the signage across their parish facilities – shelters/POs etc
Our signage has started going up and is being rolled out over the next two weeks.
We have offered all bus operators additional temporary stops for their busiest stops to separate out passengers and encourage social distancing. 

Local authorities and partnership schemes;


Winchester High Street

Signing and lining for social distancing.  
City Bridge Narrow to single lane.
St.George Street Narrow to single lane.
The Square/Great Minster Street Closure during the day to all vehicles, widened footways.  Removal of on-street parking.
Test Valley The Hundred, Romsey A temporary closure of The Hundred between Bell Street and Latimer Street. (Part funded by TVBC)

Top of town

To allow cycling in the pedestrianised areas of the top of town to create east to west and north to south through routes enabling local cycling to be safer and includes cycle parking.

Winton Square Restrict entry to buses and cyclists only.
Whitchurch Provide additional pedestrian passing space alongside the pharmacy for pedestrians to walk safely past the queuing.
Gosport  Stoke Road Signing and lining scheme to facilitate social distancing.
High Street Social distancing measures and cycle schemes in Gosport town centre and High street shopping area to assist shoppers as retail stores reopen.
East Hants Liss  Removal of parking and additional space for pedestrians.
Havant Havant town centre  Suspension of parking laybys to provide space for pedestrians outside popular shops.
Hart Fleet High Street Closure of Fleet High Street (Fleet Road) to vehicles allowing social distancing within the town centre.
Eastleigh Eastleigh Town Centre – High Street/Market Street Suspension of parking laybys to provide space for pedestrians outside popular shops.
New Milton Town Council (New Forest)  Old Milton Rd, New Milton Closure of Old Milton Road to vehicular traffic to enable social distancing. 
New Forest Lymington High Street  Temporary weekly use of Saturday market one-way system to support social distancing and reopening of local shops in the town centre. 
Brokenhurst Hight Street  Signing and suspension of on-street parking.


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