Hampshire Active Travel Fund Schemes

Last update: April 2024

Programme Overview

Over four tranches, Hampshire County Council have secured £7.3 million from successful bids to the Government’s Active Travel Fund (ATF). The funding is being used to provide a range of measures to create better spaces for walking and cycling in local communities.
This first tranche of funding, awarded in 2020, was provided for temporary pop-up measures in response to the Covid pandemic to help people socially distance more easily as they returned to high streets and town centres and to make it easier to walk and cycle after the first national lockdown and resulted in over 40 such schemes across Hampshire.
Subsequent tranches of funding have been provided for permanent active travel schemes which will support the County Council’s established priorities to:

  • Improve air quality in local communities;
  • Reduce carbon emissions in line with the Climate Change Strategy (37% of Hampshire’s emissions currently come from transport);
  • Support local businesses (as people interact more within their communities);
  • Support the wellbeing of Hampshire residents (by providing more active travel options);
  • Accelerating ambitions for a green and healthy Hampshire;
  • Working with the community.
Latest Update

Tranche 2

Tranche 2 was awarded in 2020 and provided funding for various walking and cycling improvements across Hampshire. The schemes have either been delivered or are in the process of being delivered. The latest updates for each scheme can be found on the following web pages:

Delivered and completed

As well as the above, the funding has also been used to provide cycle and scooter parking at schools around Hampshire.

Tranche 3

Funding was received from Tranche 3 in 2022 for additional active travel schemes across the county. The schemes include improving accessibility by walking and cycling along certain routes as well as providing new cycle parking in town and city centres. The schemes are being delivered over the course of 2023:

Project to improve barriers to walking and cycling;

  • Abbotswood, Romsey - scheme completed. The scheme locations will be monitored until Winter 2023 by Test Valley Leisure Team, with the possibility to extend spacing between more barriers in the future. Approvals have been made for further accessibility improvements. Improvements will be carried out in locations 1, 14 and 15, commencing 8th April. Please see the plan.
  • Chandlers Ford Accessibility Improvements;
  • Rushmoor Accessibility Improvements.

Projects to implement new dropped kerbs to improve accessibility by walking:

  • Romsey
  • Chandlers Ford

Projects to implement new cycle parking in towns and city centres starting in Winchester.

Tranche 4

For Tranche 4, awarded in 2023, the allocation is split into funding for the design of schemes and funding for the delivery of schemes.
The four schemes awarded construction funding include the delivery of walking and cycling links are proposed to be delivered by March 2024.
The latest updates on Basingstoke and Elmleigh can be found on the following web pages:

Further information on Hayling Billy Trail and Hitches Lane, Fleet will be provided in due course.

The four schemes awarded funding for design not construction include the development of segregated cycle routes and walking improvements. These schemes are subject to outcomes of public engagement and securing further funding as appropriate.

More information on each route can be found on the following scheme web pages:

Monitoring, Evaluation and Findings Reports

The County Council is committed to monitoring and evaluating schemes, to establish the impact of the measures. Following implementation, a majority of schemes will therefore be subject to the collection of transport data and user intercept surveys to inform the monitoring and evaluation process. As well as being a condition of the funding award, this process allows the County Council to determine how successful the schemes have been in supporting its priorities.

The feedback findings reports on the survey results for Tranche 2 can still be viewed. 

Roadworks and Travel Advice

Visit One.Network which is where the planned works are published and is an independent platform that allows real-time monitoring of all the UK’s roadworks and diversions.


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