Public participation in the Police and Crime Panel

Meetings of the Police and Crime Panel are held in public. Members of the public are encouraged to attend meetings of the Panel. For further information, please see Meetings.

Questions to the Panel

The Panel allows members of the public to ask questions at its meetings, in line with Rule 31A of the Panel’s Rules of Procedure.

  • Questions can be asked by anyone living, working or studying within the area of the constituent Authorities
  • A questioner can submit up to two questions per Panel either in their own right or on behalf of one organisation
  • Notice of questions must be received by the Lead Authority for the Panel no later than 15 clear working days before the Panel meeting is held
  • In circumstances where a questioner is unable to attend personally or be represented at the Panel meeting at which his/her question is to be considered, the answer will be presented to the Panel and forwarded in writing to the questioner
  • Where the questioner or their representative attends the Panel in person to receive the answer to their question the questioner (or representative as the case may be) may in the Chairman's discretion be permitted to ask one supplementary or follow-up question on the same subject matter as their original question and to receive an answer orally through the Chairman.

Pro-active Scrutiny

For details of how to participate in the Panel's pro-active scrutiny, please see Pro-active Scrutiny.