Child Sexual Exploitation (October 2015)

Pro-active Scrutiny 2015 to 2016

This report concludes and makes recommendations upon the topic of ‘child sexual exploitation’, where Members reviewed the actions of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire (and the Isle of Wight) in his aim to ‘work effectively with Hampshire Constabulary to ensure that children at risk of child sexual exploitation (CSE) are safeguarded and referred to appropriate services’ through leading the introduction of a ‘Sexual Crime Strategy’ and by raising awareness and encouraging ‘joined up working around CSE’. Additionally, building on the work of the Panel’s ‘victims and witnesses’ proactive scrutiny, to understand how the PCC is improving the experience of victims and witnesses of CSE across the criminal justice system.

This report found that the Commissioner had been instrumental in setting up a multi-agency ‘Gold Group’, establishing multi-agency executive commitment to prevent, and support, victims and potential victims of CSE. Further evidence was received by the Panel praising efforts made by the Commissioner and his office to encourage and facilitate a multi-agency agency approach in tackling and preventing CSE across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. The Panel have identified a need for greater consistency pan-Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, in the assessment of children at risk of sexual exploitation, and opportunity for the Commissioner, through his influence with partners, to increase the use of shared technology to support the automation of the risk-assessment process.