Residents invited to share their thoughts on efforts to prevent hate crime within Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

The Hampshire Police and Crime Panel (PCP) would like to hear from residents to understand their views on how the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight can boost efforts to prevent and challenge hate crime within our communities, to encourage the reporting of concerns and to improve outcomes for victims.

On 13 April 2018, the PCP will be holding a proactive scrutiny session, which is open to the public, to review how well the PCC is listening to and engaging with partners, community associations and residents across the two counties in efforts to prevent and challenge hate crime and encourage greater community cohesion.

Following this session, the PCP will make recommendations to the PCC suggesting improvements, identifying any opportunities to enhance the current policing approach, as well as providing feedback on how partners could work better together to prevent hate crime and improve victim support.

Sharing your views on the key questions below would enable the PCP hear what matters most to you and help inform the recommendations made to the PCC.

Responses can be submitted using the Proactive Scrutiny Evidence Response form, or in another format of your choosing. Answer as many or as few questions as you feel are appropriate.

As evidence to a ‘Select Committee’ style inquiry, your responses will be published in full, unless you specify that part or all of the content is not for publication. Please note that we will not publish your name or contact details, all comments from members of the public are published anonymously.

The deadline for public feedback is Monday 2 April.

The key questions are:

  • Since the publication of the Police and Crime Plan in 2016, how successful do you feel the PCC has been in his pledge to address hate crime? What changes have you observed, since this time, in the approach to supporting victims and those vulnerable to hate crime within our communities?
  • How effective do you feel the current policing provision is, within Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, in response to hate crime? Can you identify any areas where the PCC could work with the Chief Constable to improve the current approach?
  • Are you aware of any engagement currently being undertaken with local residents and victim support groups to better understand their concerns regarding hate crime?
  • How well do you feel the PCC has communicated with you and other residents to encourage you to challenge and overcome hate crime? Can you suggest how the PCC could improve his interaction with local communities in the future?
  • What actions do you think should be a priority to address hate crime and enhance community cohesion within Hampshire and the Isle of Wight? Can you identify any challenges which could prevent or delay these actions from being delivered?
  • Are there any examples of successful approaches in tackling hate crime and providing support to its victims which you are aware of, either within Hampshire and the Isle of Wight or in other areas?
  • Is there anything further that you can provide to the Panel that will assist us with our proactive scrutiny of this topic?

Submit your responses via email to or by post to:

Democratic and Member Services
Hampshire County Council
Corporate Services (Room 102)
Elizabeth II Court South
The Castle
SO23 8UJ