Primary and secondary phase

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Download and print off the full range of services you can access through EMTAS. Handy for notice boards in school!


2021-22 Service Level Agreement with Hampshire Maintained and Aided Primary and Secondary Schools.

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Support for New Arrivals

  • Videoscribe resource pack: complements the EMTAS New Arrivals Videoscribe. Use to explore what provision for newly-arrived students looks like in your school or setting.
  • Videoscribe images: with key phrases taken from the audio narration. Use as a matching activity and when discussing how the needs of New Arrivals are catered for

First and other languages

Planned and purposeful use of a bilingual pupil's first language can help them access and engage with the curriculum. Watch the EMTAS First Language videoscribe to find out more about this cross-phase teaching and learning strategy.

First language videoscribe pack complements the EMTAS First Language Videoscribe. Use to explore ways to make best use of your bilingual pupils' first languages in the classroom and the wider school environment.

  • Download and print off this aide memoire highlighting ways of using first language as a tool for learning

    Primary phase

    Key Stage 1 and 2 | Year groups: 1 - 6 | Age of children: 5 - 11

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    Secondary phase

    Key Stage 3 and 4 | Year groups: 7 - 11 | Age of children: 11 - 16

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