Report a death

Hampshire and Isle of Wight and West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service pension scheme

What should you do?

To report the death of a scheme member or pensioner, please telephone us on 01962 845588 as soon as possible. 

Alternatively, you can email or write to us.

We will ask you:

  • the name of the informant or the person dealing with the estate, their relationship to the deceased person,
  • the name of the member or pensioner, 
  • their date of death, 
  • their National Insurance number or pension reference number, 
  • if relevant, the name of the member's surviving partner and any dependent children, 
  • name, address and telephone number of the person we should write to. 

What happens next? 

Within 3 working days, we will write to the contact address given. 

We will:

  • ask for a copy of the death certificate (a clear photocopy is acceptable), and other certificates we may need (for example, a marriage certificate), 
  • tell you if death benefits are payable, 
  • send claim forms for partners and dependant's pensions, if appropriate
  • ask about anything else we need to know.

If the deceased person is a pensioner:

  • the pension payments will be stopped as soon as possible,
  • if any pension has been overpaid, this will need to be reclaimed, we will send you details in writing. 

If death benefits are payable:

Once we have received:

  • the fully completed claim form(s), and 
  • any certificates that we have requested,

we will assess the benefits due and write to the affected parties within 15 working days.

Useful links

You can find more information on death benefits in the Fire Pension Schemes at: Firefighters' Pension Scheme - Local Government Association