Shoots along the routes

Help us reach our goal to plant one million trees by 2050 in Hampshire

Our Shoots Along the Routes campaign improves landscape and nature connectivity outside woodland by planting trees to create new green corridors. We can fund tree planting schemes within a two-kilometre-wide eligible area, following the routes of several main roads across Hampshire. By giving free trees to landowners and land managers we’re planning to create over 630 kilometres of new green networks across the county.

These trees will follow the roads and create stepping-stones for nature across our towns and villages, as well as through the more rural parts of Hampshire.

If your planting idea doesn’t fit within this scheme, we may still be able to help. Please submit an enquiry and select ‘general’ when asking for further information.

These green corridors will:

  • reduce noise pollution, air pollution and cool the air
  • help to filter polluted rainwater discharge containing toxic substances, accumulated on main roads, from flowing into rivers
  • support ecosystems and society through carbon absorption
  • connect fragmented habitats
  • support biodiversity
  • reduce the risk of floods
  • add life to the landscape, particularly along busy roads
  • create new cultural landscape features, such as tree circles, hilltop tree features, stunning autumnal colours, hedgerow trees and more
Tree graphic


Help us plant one million trees in Hampshire. We are looking for sponsors for specific road sections to create the new green corridors through Hampshire. Contact [email protected] to get involved.

Funding support

We’re also supporting tree planting in community spaces by offering funding support for mini forests and community orchards.