Funding support offered by Hampshire Forest Partnership

Oct 4 2023

We’ve launched several funding support schemes which are now open for applications.

Please complete the project enquiry form and indicate which funding scheme you’d like to apply to. We’ll then send you an application form and guidance on how to apply.

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Our current funding schemes are now open to applications.

Shoots Along the Routes

This scheme aims to improve landscape connectivity outside woodland areas. We’ll be providing free trees to landowners and land managers to create over 630km of new green networks across the county. These networks will follow the routes of several A and B-roads across Hampshire. The scheme will also support eligible tree planting schemes within a 2km wide corridor along the routes to boost nature recovery.

View our maps to see what routes are eligible.

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Mini Forest Funding Scheme

This scheme aims to support the creation of mini forests in suitable places across Hampshire. Also called a Miyawaki forest, they are created using a planting technique that can quickly establish an entire forest ecosystem (at a micro scale) usually about the size of a tennis court. This technique is particularly suited to small spaces; urban or semi-urban settings where there is a lack of space for larger woodlands.

We’re particularly interested in projects that are accessible and involve the local community in design, planting and monitoring.

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Community Orchards

Support for community orchards that will increase access, social connectedness and local nature recovery. Your project should involve the local community, have public access and improve biodiversity by supporting pollinators and wildlife around the orchard.

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Disease resistant elms

The English countryside was once dominated by elms, but since the 1960s these trees have been ravaged by Dutch elm disease, accidently introduced to Europe in the early 20th century. The disease has killed nearly all the mature elms in Britain, an estimated toll of 60-100 million trees.

The Hampshire Forest Partnership with support from The Tree Council are funding disease resistant hybrid elm trees to help local nature recovery. Ash trees were often planted to replace the elms, but now these too are succumbing to disease, in this case ash dieback. There are no known disease resistant ash trees yet available to plant, but selective breeding of elms now means that we can bring these back to Hampshire, as trials have shown that these elm hybrids show good resistance to the disease, can grow to maturity, and also support our native wildlife.

Projects must be able to allow the trees to grow to full size, and we’re particularly interested to plant the trees within hedges, in community spaces and as specimens in areas that have lost trees from ash dieback.

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Other general funding opportunities

If your planting idea doesn’t fit within any of the above schemes, we may still be able to help. Please submit a project enquiry form and select ‘general’ when asking for further information. You can tick several options if you’re not sure which scheme is applicable (or you’d like to apply to more than one) and we’ll send you guidance on each scheme. We can also point you in the direction of the scheme most applicable to your planting idea or connect you to one of our partners that could offer funding if we’re unable to help.