Burial records

Burials could take place in churches, churchyards and cemeteries. Surviving records of church and churchyard burials are listed in parish registers.

Parish burials online

Burials for Hampshire parish churches in Winchester Diocese (excluding Southampton) dating from the 16th century to 1921, are available on Ancestry. Free access in Hampshire Libraries and Record Office.

Cemetery burials

Due to lack of grave spaces in churchyards, cemeteries were set up by local authorities after the 1853 Burial Act. A few cemeteries were established earlier by private companies, eg Winchester (West Hill) in 1840.

Some Hampshire cemetery burials can be searched online:

Cemetery registers at Hampshire Record Office

This is not a complete list of Hampshire cemeteries


Monumental inscriptions (MIs) and grave locations

We hold many MIs for churches, churchyards and cemeteries which have been created by volunteers. These are often indexed and occasionally include grave locations. However, most churchyard plans (where surviving) remain with churches and most cemetery plans remain with local authorities.

Town/cemetery Burial registers Monumental Inscriptions/Other
Aldershot, Military (Est 1856) Not available Index 1875-1885
Aldershot, Redan Road 1861-1951
Alton, Old Odiham Road 1856-1995 Index
Andover  1868-1970 Index 1916-1976
Basingstoke, South View 1858-1994 Register of war graves
Basingstoke, Worting Road 1914-1963 Register of war graves
Beaulieu 1963-1982
Bournemouth, East Cemetery Not available  Transcript 1898-1916
Catherington 1968-1995 Index
Crawley  1894-1998 Register of graves 1898-1999
Crondall  1879-1991 Registers of graves 1879-c1993
Denmead 1919-1984
Eastleigh, Brookwood Ave 1901-1962
Eling 1946-1982 Monumental Inscriptions
Fareham, Knowle Hospital (Est 1856)   From 1877
Fareham, Wickham Road 1889-1953
Farnborough, Ship Lane 1933-1991
Farnborough, Victoria Road 1859-1945
Fawley, Blackfield 1969-1982
Fleet 1928-1992
Fordingbridge Not available  Monumental Inscriptions
Froyle Not available  Monumental Inscriptions
Gosport, Ann's Hill Road 1855-1953 Monumental Inscriptions
Gosport, Royal Naval Cemetery, Haslar Hospital Not available  Bishops' transcripts, 1831-1882; Monumental Inscriptions
Havant 1896-1968
Havant, Dissenters 1832-1970
Hedge End 1931-1977
Longparish Not available  Monumental Inscriptions
Long Sutton Not available  Monumental Inscriptions
Lymington, Old section 1890-1974
Lymington, New section 1954-1982
Lyndhurst 1885-1980
Medstead 1917-1986 Register of public graves 1884-1961
Milton 1957-1982
Netley Military Hospital 1864-1975 Monumental Inscriptions
Newport, Isle of Wight Not available  Transcript 1864-1923
Odiham 1860-1950 Index; register of graves
Odiham, new ground 1915-1958 Index; register of public graves 1915-1970
Old Basing Not available  Monumental Inscriptions
Petersfield, Ramshill 1857-1995 Index
Portsdown, Military Not available  Monumental Inscriptions
Portsmouth, Highland Road Not available  Monumental Inscriptions
Portsmouth, Kingston Not available  Monumental Inscriptions
Portsmouth, Mile End Not available  Monumental Inscriptions
Portsmouth, St Ann's, HM Naval Base Not available  Monumental Inscriptions
Ringwood  1864-1966
Romsey, Botley Road 1857-1980s Index
Romsey, Woodley 1980s-1990s Index
Ryde, Isle of Wight Not available Transcript 1863-1893
Sarisbury, Holly Hill From 1957 Online database
Sarisbury, St Paul’s From 1872 Online database
Southampton, Old Cemetery Not available  Monumental Inscriptions
Stockbridge, Romsey Road (Est 1891) Not available  Register of public graves 1921-1989
Stubbington, Crofton 1864-1960 Monumental Inscriptions
Sway 1956-1982
Titchfield, Posbrook Lane (Claypits) 1918-1950
Titchfield, St Peter 1861-1971
Warblington, New Cemetery 1914-1981 Monumental Inscriptions
Warblington, Old Cemetery 1894-1952 Monumental Inscriptions
Waterlooville 1934-1985
West Liss  1954-1992 Index; Monumental Inscriptions
Weyhill Not available  Monumental Inscriptions
Whitehill, Hollywater Road 1987-1995 Index
Winchester, Magdalen Hill (Morn Hill) 1916-1976 Index 1932-1983; burials of stillborns, 1921-1964
Winchester, West Hill, consecrated 1840-1996
Winchester, West Hill, unconsecrated 1841-1977

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