Electoral registers

Parliamentary elections

We hold electoral registers for all Hampshire constituencies and for most years between 1889 and 2002. Later registers are available for inspection at local council offices.

  • Most registers before 1974 have the catalogue prefix H/CL9/4
  • Most registers after 1974 have the catalogue prefix H/CS5/1

No registers were compiled during the years 1916 to 1917 and 1940 to 1944 due to the two World Wars. A few women are on the registers from 1918, but only from 1928 were they eligible to vote on the same basis as men, minimum age 21.

Few registers survive for Hampshire for the period of electoral reform 1832 to 1884, but there is a good series for Winchester City from 1833, catalogue prefix W/B9/1.

Poll books were introduced in 1696 to record the way electors cast their votes. We hold some poll books to elect the Knights of the Shire from 1698 to 1806, catalogue prefix 44M69/G2. Several other institutions, such as the British Library and the Bodleian Library, also hold poll books relating to Hampshire.

Local elections

Voter lists, or burgess rolls, listed those who were eligible to vote in local elections. Women with property qualifications could appear on these rolls from 1869.

  • Basingstoke Borough: 1865 to 1906, catalogue prefix 148M71/1/2/1
  • Romsey Borough: 1854 to 1888, catalogue prefix 97M81/2/3
  • Winchester City: 1835 to 1905, catalogue prefix W/B9/3

Registers held elsewhere

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