A fun activity for children and adults alike

Crabbing guidelines

Be Safe!

  • Kneel down when you’re crabbing
  • Don’t lean out too far!
  • Stay with your parents at all times
  • Watch your fingers, crabs can pinch!

Be Kind!

  • Keep your crabs in a bucket of seawater
  • Put in some rocks and seaweed so the crabs can hide
  • Do not keep crabs in your bucket for more than 20 minutes
  • Don’t put too many crabs in your bucket
  • Be gentle with crabs - use a net so you don’t drop them

The jetty is not managed by River Hamble Country Park, so please report all problems to the Hamble Harbour Authority.

Crab lines and buckets are available at The Barn.


The River Hamble is a popular place for recreational fishing, and visitors are welcome to fish from the country park.

Read more about guidance and restrictions for fishing in the River Hamble.

Child with a crabbing line