Site rules


1. Details of the Centre’s facilities, opening times and availability can be found on our website. The main gate is locked each night between 23:30 – 06:00, occasional changes to these times will be posted on our social channels particularly over the Christmas period.

2. Centre facilities are available at customers’ own risk. In the event of theft, damage to property or injury to persons, Hampshire County Council accepts no liability unless there is any negligence on the part of Hampshire County Council, its servants, or agents. All sailing dinghies, catamarans, trimarans, wind or kite boards, caravans and any other property brought onto site must be insured against public liability claims to at least £½ million, all powered craft (other than tenders) and all vehicles insured to at least £2 million.

3. Boat and windsurf storage and boat launch customers must comply with the CAC Marine Rules in addition to these site rules.

4. The Calshot Campsite Rules must be observed in addition to these site rules by those staying on the Campsite.

5. The Calshot Angling Rules must be observed in addition to these site rules by those wishing to fish from our site.

6. Site speed limits must be observed and relevant annual or daily parking and launching fees must be paid.

7. Please use the designated car parking areas or other temporary parking areas as determined by the Centre. Overnight parking is not permitted unless approved by the Centre in advance and the required fees have been paid. An Automatic Number Plate Recognition system is in operation at the Centre to assist with management of car parking fees.

8. On safety grounds bathing is forbidden from the beaches between the small spit west of the Sopwith Hangar and the Café/Bar (mid Sunderland Hangar), as there are strong currents and numerous powered craft in this area.

9. For customer and child protection reasons the following areas are closed to the public; Houston/Lawrence/Keymer/Mitchell (residential) Houses, Sopwith & Schneider hangars, initiative course, high ropes and canoe pool.

10. Children on site must always be accompanied by a responsible adult. Dangers include the quay and pontoon, castle moat, jetty, and the creek mud.

11. A dress code applies in all buildings, minimum of vest top and shorts please. Changing outdoors is forbidden unless done with due modesty and consideration for child protection.

12. The launching and use of private drones on the site is strictly forbidden.

13. All site users are requested to keep the site clean and tidy by using rubbish bins provided or taking their litter home.

14. The campsite facilities (grey water drainage / chemical disposal) are only for those who have paid the appropriate overnight pitch fees.

15. Dogs are only permitted on site on a short lead and on a ‘poop & scoop’ basis. Litter bins and skips can be used for disposal of bagged dog dirt. No dogs (except for guide dogs) are permitted in any building, apart from the cafe.

16. Customers are required to behave in a responsible manner to achieve harmonious enjoyment of the site’s facilities by all users. Noise should be kept to a minimum particularly near accommodation buildings and on the campsite during evening hours.

17. Safeguarding – Our Duty of Care: Calshot Activities Centre’s primary business is to provide recreational and residential outdoor learning experiences for a range of customers including young people and vulnerable adults. The Centre works closely with Hampshire County Council’s Safeguarding team to ensure all our customers are sufficiently protected whilst under our care and supervision. Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility. Anyone visiting the site with an obligation to disclose information relating to safeguarding must do so. Thank you for your support in this important area.  For a confidential discussion please contact the Centre and ask for the Director of Calshot.

18. The Director or his nominated officer may suspend or terminate access to the site of those failing to comply with reasonable requests by members of Calshot Activities Centre staff to do this. No refund of fees will be granted. If in the Director or nominated officer’s opinion the behaviour would constitute gross misconduct, suspension will be immediate, and the person must leave the site. There will be an initial right of appeal to the line manager and final right of appeal to a specially convened panel of three persons independent of the local authority and Centre users. Costs will be met by the appellant if the suspension / termination is upheld.

January 2024