Tips for using sacrificial anodes

Sacrificial Anodes – Think Zinc!

The River Hamble Harbour Authority has been helping to support PhD student Aldous Rees from Southampton Solent University in investigating the variety of corrosion rates of sacrificial anodes seen in the Hamble Estuary.

The hints and tips summarised will go some way to help boat owners ensure not only that are they using anodes correctly to best protect their vessels, but also to help reduce the significant volume of zinc that is found within the water here. Already some users have been able to reduce their costs.

  • Are you using the correct type i.e. zinc anodes in sea water, or aluminium anodes in either sea water or brackish water?
  • Are you using too many, or are they decaying faster than expected?
Download our poster for further information:

Anode Research. Findings and tips poster.