The River Hamble Harbour Authority

We provide services and facilities and manage the river for the benefit of all its users

  • The RHHA is committed to undertaking the proper management and regulation of marine operations within the scope of its powers and authority, in a way that manages the safety of navigation within the River, including the protection of the environment, so that the River and its users are all safeguarded
  • Implementing the Port Marine Safety Code to ensure that the harbour is as safe as possible for everyone who uses it
  • Carrying out daily patrols to check on boats and moorings
  • Enforcing local bye-laws
  • Providing a qualified first aid capability on and off the water
  • Providing a salvage, fire fighting and towage capability for vessels in difficulties
Environmental protection
  • Protecting and enhancing designated and protected sites
  • Pollution control, including oil spill response
  • Providing facilities for the disposal of waste materials associated with the harbour and its users
Navigation marks and lights

Maintaining and improving navigation marks and lights to mark the main channel and safe water within the River.

Moorings management
  • Managing mid-stream moorings on behalf of the Crown Estate
  • Managing the moorings waiting list on behalf of the Crown Estate
  • Managing the sub-letting of moorings
Event monitoring

Providing a presence on the water to ensure that events on the water are run safely and smoothly

  • Providing berthing facilities for visiting yachts
  • Information and education
  • Providing information on the environment, flora and fauna of the River
  • Educating and informing river users about safety on the water
Decision making and planning

Hampshire County Council manage The River Hamble Harbour Authority.

The River Hamble Harbour Board makes major decisions about the management of the harbour.

The Board has seven members:

  • Chairman
  • two County Councillors (representing Eastleigh and Fareham)
  • The Marine Director / Harbour Master
  • three members appointed for their recreational sailing, marine industry and environmental skills and knowledge

The board meets every two months.

River Hamble Strategic Vision and Plan 2022-2024

River Hamble Marine Safety Plan

Privacy notices

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