Book an appointment to register a death

Before booking an appointment

Please make sure you have read What to do after someone dies.

In normal circumstances you need to register the death within 5 days unless the coroner has requested a post mortem or an inquest.

How long does an appointment take?

It takes about 30 minutes to register. If you urgently need to register a birth please telephone 0300 555 1392.

Deaths in Southampton or Portsmouth

Southampton deaths

Portsmouth deaths

If a Coroner is involved

You will not be able to register the death until their permission has been given, they will decide:

  • that no action is necessary and inform the registration officer
  • to hold a post-mortem examination in which case a Pink Form 100B will be issued and sent to the registration officer to be used instead of a medical certificate of cause of death
  • to hold an inquest. The Coroner’s Officer or registration officer will advise you what to do in these circumstances
Certificates and fees

There is no charge to register a death. You can purchase certificates on the day for £11.

During the Registration you will be asked to check the registration entry carefully before you sign to confirm that all the information you have given is correct. Once you have signed the register entry, changes/corrections cannot be made without a formal process and will incur a fee of £75 to £90 depending on the nature of the correction.

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