Maps and plans

County maps

Maps of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight from the late 16th century

Ordnance Survey maps

  • Reproductions of the first edition 1 inch OS maps for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight 1810-1811 and 1811-1817
  • A good, but incomplete, County series of 6 inch and 25 inch maps - 1st edition c1870, 2nd edition c1896, 3rd edition c1910, and additional maps from 1921 to 1939
  • Some 50 inch maps of towns including a full set for Winchester c1870
  • An incomplete National Grid series of 6 inch, 25 inch and 50 inch c1945 to c1980

Tithe maps and awards

There is a tithe map and award for every parish in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight except Beaulieu, Binstead (IOW), Chilworth, Corhampton, North Baddesley, Portsmouth, St. Lawrence (IOW), Weston Corbett, Woodcott and the town areas of Southampton and Winchester. Tithe maps and awards have the catalogue prefix 21M65/F7

Enclosure maps and awards

A considerable number of parishes in Hampshire were not covered by enclosure, either because it was enclosed by private agreement at an early date or it was never enclosed. Most of our Enclosure maps and awards have the catalogue prefix Q23/2

This publication gives a comprehensive survey of the evidence for enclosure, parish by parish.

Estate maps

Maps of particular estates, which may cover several parishes or a part of a parish, were commissioned by private or institutional landowners, but no comprehensive, large scale mapping of Hampshire parishes was made prior to the 19th century

Deposited plans

Plans of public undertakings such as canals, railways, harbours, bridges, tunnels from the late 18th century have the catalogue prefix DP. In addition plans concerning highways and bridges, parish boundaries and allotments have the catalogue prefix H/CL1/4

Building plans

There are several good series dating from the late 19th century, including those for Winchester which have the catalogue prefix W/C11.

Plans of particular buildings such as public houses, off-licence premises and hotels have the catalogue prefix Q20

Extract - Upton Grey estate map 1741 Finding No. 130A05/1
Extract - Upton Grey estate map 1741 Finding No. 130A05/1

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