We hold records of several hundred Hampshire schools. These include primary, secondary, private and special needs schools. We do not hold records for every Hampshire school. We hold no records for Portsmouth and Southampton schools. 

Log books

A 100-year access restriction applies to these records.

For school historians, log books are the most important source of information. They contain the day-to-day record of events, usually written by the head teacher.

Some log books give a very full picture of school life. Others record a bare minimum. But all include information about:

  • school inspections
  • visits by VIPs
  • outings
  • staff appointments
  • class reorganisations
  • concerns with low pupil attendance

Sometimes pupils are named, particularly if they drew attention through illness, misbehaviour or educational achievement.

Log books date from 1862 when the government first required schools in receipt of state grants to maintain a record of activities.

Admissions registers

A 100-year access restriction applies to these records.

Admission registers record the arrival of new pupils at a school, usually arranged by date of admission. Most contain basic information such as:

  • pupil names
  • dates of birth
  • entry/leaving dates
  • names and addresses of parents or guardians
  • notes of transfers to other schools or districts

A few registers date back further than the 19th century. For example. Winchester College's register of scholars dates from 1393 to 1899, but most date from the late 19th century onwards.

A 100-year access restriction applies to these records.

Exam certificates

We do not hold records of school examinations. For confirmation of results or replacement certificates contact the relevant examination boards. If you do not know the examination board, contact your old school. Many Hampshire schools used examination boards that now come under AQA. Or the University of London Board that now comes under Edexcel. The other examination boards are OCR and CCEA.

Other records

Other school records may include:

  • title deeds
  • endowment papers
  • building plans
  • managers’ minutes
  • punishment books
  • school magazines
  • prospectuses
  • histories
  • photographs

A general search of our online catalogue will help find all documents relating to a particular school.

Online records

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