Vehicle registration

From 1903 to 1974, vehicle registration and licensing was the responsibility of County Councils.

Hampshire registrations

All Hampshire registrations included one of six letter pairings (AA, CG, HO, OR, OT and OU) in their registration number. Between 1934 and 1974 these letters always appear as the second and third letters of the registration number.

Early registers, 1903-1920, do not survive. But you can find information about some of the earliest Hampshire registrations. This is held in a volume which relates to a general re-issue of all licences in 1910.  Most other registers, c1921-1974 survive, see H/CL3/3.

Southampton and Portsmouth registrations

Southampton registrations have the letter pairings CR, OW, TR. Surviving records are at Southampton City Archives. Portsmouth registrations had the pairings BK, RV, TP. You can find surviving records at Portsmouth History Centre.


We provide certified photographs of entries from registers. These can be used for re-registering old vehicles with their original registration number.

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