You may need to re-register your expired account

Mar 15 2023

animated hands holding banner informing users to re-register their library account

During COVID restrictions we automatically extended the re-registration period of all library accounts to ensure our customers could access library services when we could not open. On 1 June 2023 we will revert to our standard policy of requiring all customers to re-register their account at least every three years.

If you do not re-register an expired account, you will no longer be able to use the self-service machines to borrow items. You may also lose access to our digital library apps.

Re-registering your account is simple and free.

If you manage your account online - a warning will appear on your account 30 days before it expires prompting, you to confirm your details and re-register. If you try to log in after your account has expired, you will be prompted to re-register your account.

If you manage your account using the Spydus mobile app you will be asked to log into your account online, confirm your details and re-register once the account has expired.

Watch this video to find out how.

Go to this page, to log-in and re-register your account online: Login | Hampshire Libraries (