Become a Hampshire Libraries member

Anyone living, working or studying in Hampshire can become a member of Hampshire Libraries

Opting in to our email reminders can help you manage your membership and avoid fees and charges. Find out more.

You can join online or in person at any library, you do not need any identification to join the library.

As part of our commitment to addressing the climate emergency we no longer automatically issue library membership cards when you join online.

You can download the library self-service app (called the Spydus app) for iPhones and Android devices. This self-service app allows you to manage your account, find out more here: Spydus app. You can also manage your account online.

If you wish to have a library card please visit your local Hampshire library. Choosing not to have a library card reduces plastic production.

You can check our types of membership, terms of membership, stock policy, fees and charges and our Privacy policy before you join.

If you are under 16 you need to provide the details of a guarantor to join online. Parents can access the child’s account online by asking for a library PIN number to be set up in a library. The combination of a membership number and PIN number can be used to manage their account online.