Home library service

If you can't get to the library due to ill-health, disability or caring responsibilities the library can come to you

We can arrange for you to have your library books delivered to your home on a regular basis.

We offer books in standard and large print and also have a wide range of audio books in different formats. If you would like to borrow a particular title from Hampshire’s stock, we can get it for you.

This service is free.

How it works

After you have completed the enquiry form we will contact you by phone or email to assess your eligibility.

We deliver the service through our team of volunteers.

We will match you with someone and make them aware of what you like to read. They will visit you and exchange the items you have borrowed usually at least once every 4 weeks.


To join the Home Library Service please complete our enquiry form.

Enquire about membership


Volunteers select and deliver material to suit the reading preferences of the customer and then also return items to the library.
Reasonable travel expenses are reimbursed but must be agreed in advance with library staff

Volunteer to help with Home Library Service deliveries

Do you have a good neighbour?

If you have a friend, neighbour or relative who would be willing to visit the library for you, we can make things easier by registering them as a good neighbour. Your local library staff will be happy to explain the advantages of this arrangement.