You can borrow sets of plays for your group, school, or society

There are over 900 playsets available from standard classics to modern plays. To help you make your selection, a Single Copy Collection complements the sets and you can reserve single copies of plays at no extra cost.

Register your group

To borrow play sets, sign up for group membership at your local library. A membership charge applies - See Fees and Charges. Once you have registered your group, you can order sets online or at your local library.

Your membership also entitles you to borrow reading group sets.

Find the set you would like to borrow

The ‘Playsets holdings’ tab on the availability spreadsheet gives details of the plays available including the number of copies per set, publisher and cast.

The list of holdings is arranged in author order. To change the arrangement, click on the letter above a column heading and select A-Z or Z-A from the down arrow. For example, if you want to view all the one act plays, click on the G at the top of the One-Act column, then click on the down arrow and select Z-A.

Once you have found the play you wish to borrow, you must check whether the set is available before making a request. Select the ‘Playsets availability’ tab on the spreadsheet. Existing bookings are blocked out in red. Make sure there is a clear 3 month slot, starting with the month in which you want to pick up the set. For example, if you wish to pick up the set in March, check the spreadsheet to ensure that March, April and May are free. This is to allow for transportation between bookings and to ensure groups get their sets on time.

When you exit the spreadsheet, it will return to the default author order.

Request to borrow a playset

Cancel a playset booking

Check availability

Existing bookings are blocked out in red. 

Check availability of playsets

Suggest a title for purchase

You can suggest a title for purchase by completing the form. Alternatively, log into your account and select "Stock Suggestion" on the home page. Indicate whether the suggestion is for a reading group set or a playset..

Lost and damaged items

Any item borrowed from a Hampshire library can be replaced by a good quality replacement copy of the same edition or by paying the replacement cost.