Unplanned pregnancy

If you are undecided about whether to continue with a pregnancy, there are people you can talk to, to listen to you, but ultimately the decision is yours

What advice is available

The local sexual health service is able to provide free and confidential information and advice to you on unplanned pregnancy and abortion.

Sexual health clinics are open access services, this means you can visit one where you live, attend school/college or where you work. The staff team are there to help you.

Where can I get advice?

In Hampshire women can self refer direct to the local abortion service which is provided by the local sexual health service in partnership with British Pregnancy Advisory Service.

However it might be beneficial to discuss options with your GP or another health professional. If the doctor or health professional you see does not support women in accessing an abortion then they must refer you to another doctor or health professional that will help.

Abortion is legal up to 24 weeks of pregnancy but is safer when it is carried out in early pregnancy. It can also be more difficult to get an abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy so it's important to seek advice quickly.

Abortion care is available free on the NHS or through private clinics for a fee.

If you are a resident of Hampshire, Portsmouth or Southampton you can find further information on unplanned pregnancy or self-refer for an NHS abortion service by:

What if I'm under 16?

Any woman who has an abortion has the right for that information to remain confidential, even if you are under 16. However, whatever your age you’ll be encouraged to involve your parents, a supportive adult and/or your partner as it can help to have someone there to support you.

To find out more about what should happen before, during and after an abortion you could also visit: