Condom supplies for educational purposes

Hampshire is committed to continuing its drive to reduce teenage conceptions and improve the sexual health of young people.

The Department for Education (DoE) has introduced compulsory Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) for secondary school pupils from September 2020. RSHE 2020 guidance is publicly available to support your school’s implementation of high quality RSHE.

Providing a condom teaching session should form part of a planned Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) programme within a robust PSHE curriculum.

Wherever possible, please submit your condom order the half term before they are required. Orders are currently taking at least 3 weeks from receipt of order until delivery.

Teaching Resources

Condoms are provided free of charge to Hampshire secondary schools to enable you to deliver an interactive and practical session for your pupils as well as support your Relationships and Sex Education work within a robust PSHE curriculum.

Solent NHS Trust Sexual Health Service have developed resources to support teachers providing information and education which contribute towards the learning outcomes of the national guidance for intimate and sexual relationships for secondary level education. Their Spotlight On series provides bite sized resources that can be used on a number of key aspects and includes Spotlight On Condoms, which you may find helpful when planning your teaching session as it includes activities and facilitator notes.

The Hampshire Health in Education Website has links to advice and resources to support delivery of RSE and PSHE.

Condom supplies

During this academic year, to support your teaching, each Hampshire secondary school can order:

  • one condom per pupil
  • a sperm key ring advertising the 'Get It On' website per pupil

We recommend that condom demonstrators are provided as these are designed to enable learners to practice correct condom use and help to promote safer sex practices. These can be purchased from a number of suppliers including the Family Planning Association (FPA) and Pasante.

This website is accessible to all schools, and we would ask that you promote it in the lesson because it provides invaluable information to young people and practitioners about sexual health services in Hampshire.

Ordering condoms

Wherever possible, please submit your condom order the half term before they are required.

The condom ordering form should be completed by the most appropriate member of staff.
Email the form to [email protected]

Orders will be delivered via the Hampshire County Council courier unless you wish to collect them.

There are a number of providers across Hampshire that will support the delivery of sex and relationships education and other elements of PSHE and these are listed in the Family Information and Services Hub

Contraception and sexually transmitted infection

We also recommend that you buy or provide online access to leaflets that provide young people friendly information and advice on a range of contraception and sexually transmitted infection (STI) information.

For a range of information and leaflets available to download, purchase or view online visit: