Hampshire Teenage Pregnancy Partnership

The multi-agency teenage pregnancy partnership is working towards reducing the teenage conception rate in Hampshire

The Teenage Pregnancy Partnership includes a large number of agencies who work together to reduce teenage conceptions and support young parents. Since 1998 to 2013 Hampshire has experienced a 45% reduction in conception rates and continues as a priority in the County Council's Children and Young People’s Plan 2015-18.

Local implementation teams (LITs) meet four times a year across the 11 districts in Hampshire to focus on local actions to reduce teenage conceptions and risky behaviours, and to support young parents.

Supporting pregnant students and school aged parents

Guidance for managing the support and reintegration of pregnant pupils and school age parents

Supporting Young Parents

As a professional supporting a young parent, please read the ‘Young Parent care pathway guidance’ in addition to using the flowchart and pathway.  Appendix 3 and 4 provide additional information to access support services.

Further information

For further help and information about the reintegration of pregnant pupils and school age parents please contact your local Family Support Service

For the latest district or ward data or to find your local implementation team please contact gina.birkett@hants.gov.uk

Sexual health resources

Condoms for schools for educational purposes are available to order from the Public Health team.