Hampshire Teenage Pregnancy Partnership

The multi-agency teenage pregnancy partnership is working towards reducing the teenage conception rate in Hampshire

Since 1998 to 2021 Hampshire has experienced a 70% reduction in conception rates and Isle Of Wight (IOW) has experienced a 63% reduction.

Local and National data

In Hampshire and the IOW, 2021 data indicates an under-18s conception rate of 10.9 and 14.9 per 1,000 respectively. Of these, 54.9% in Hampshire and 56.7% on the IOW result in abortion. These figures compare to an under-18 conception rate for the South East of 10.7 per 1,000 and for England of 13.1% per 1,000. The rate of under-18 conceptions leading to abortions in the South East are 58.5% and England are 53.3%.

This data shows that whilst the under-18 conception rates in Hampshire are similar to the regional average and better than the England average, those on the IOW are deemed similar to the regional and England averages. Under-18 abortion rates are lower than the regional but above England averages in Hampshire and on the IOW.

This data equates to 246 under-18 conceptions in Hampshire and 135 under-18 abortions in 2021. There were 30 under-18 conceptions on IOW and 17 under-18 abortions in the same year. These young people (and their babies) are all at risk of adverse childhood experiences and settings are advised to use trauma informed approaches when supporting them.

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Supporting pregnant students and school aged parents
Supporting Young Parents

As a professional supporting a young parent, please read the ‘Young Parent care pathway guidance’ in addition to using the flowchart and pathway. Appendix 3 and 4 provide additional information to access support services.

Further information

For further help and information about the reintegration of pregnant pupils and school age parents please contact your local Family Support Service

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Sexual health resources

Condoms for schools for educational purposes are available to order from the Public Health team.