Share the space, drop your pace

We hope you enjoy exploring the Canal, but we do ask that you share the towpath considerately – "share the space, drop your pace".

The towpath code is a handy reminder:

  • Share the space Consider other people and the local environment whenever you're on the towpath.
  • Drop your pace Jogging and cycling are welcome, but drop your pace in good time and let people know you are approaching by ringing a bell or politely calling out before waiting to pass slowly.
  • Pedestrians have priority on the towpath and other shared use areas of Canal land.
  • Be courteous to others A smile can go a long way.
  • Follow signs They are there for the safety of everyone. Cyclists should dismount where required and use common sense in busy or restricted areas, recognising that pedestrians have priority.
  • Give way to oncoming people beneath bridges whether they are on foot or bike. Be extra careful at bends and entrances where visibility is limited.
  • When travelling in large groups, especially if you are running or cycling, please use common sense and give way to others.
  • Avoid wearing headphones as this makes you less aware of your surroundings and others sharing the same space.
  • Keep dogs on a short lead and clean up after them.
  • At all times, keep children close to you and encourage them to learn and follow the towpath code.