Trailer boats

You can launch small boats and other small powered crafts from any of the public slipways on the Canal. Please note that BWB/CRT keys are required to access the slipways.

You will need to hold a valid Basingstoke Canal license, third party insurance and comply with the Boat Safety Scheme for the whole time you are on the Canal.

Canal & River Trust and Environment Agency waterway licences are not valid on the Basingstoke Canal.

Outboard engines are limited to 2.5hp per metre of boat length.

Trailer boats must pay an additional lock use fee to pass through any locks, with the exception of Ash Lock.

Inflatables and RIBS are not allowed to use any locks.

Trail Boat Scheme

For £16.50 a year we will hold a copy of your boat details:

  • insurance certificate (compulsory for all powered craft)
  • boat safety certificate (if applicable)
  • £11.50
  • per day
  • low emission engines - Hybrid, Hydrogen, Battery Electric
  • £9.50
  • per day

You can then use the canal as often as you want.

This can be paid over the phone or in person at the Canal Centre once we have your details on file.

Please contact the office for a copy of the application form. Tel: 01252 370073 or e-mail [email protected]