Keeping your boat on the Canal

If you want to keep your boat on the Canal for longer than 28 days you will need to register it with us and apply for an Annual Licence and Mooring Agreement

Annual licence

Before the granting of an Annual Licence we will need to agree an appropriate long term mooring for your boat, confirm you hold third party insurance and comply with the Boat Safety Scheme.

The annual licence fee is made up of 2 elements

  • Navigation fee
  • Lock use fee

The navigation fee charged will depend on if your boat’s long term ‘home’ mooring is above or below lock 15. This is the lockless areas of navigation you have available without passing through one of the controlled sets of locks.

For lock usage there are two options, the first is an annual fee of £111 for unlimited (subject to availability) lock usage. The second option is ‘pay as you go’.


There are three types of long term mooring

  • Private – Mooring against private property or council land with a garden licence
  • Standard – Mooring against council land without facilities
  • Premium – Mooring against council land with nearby facilities

With the exception of a small number of houseboats you are not allowed to live-aboard your boat.

There are 22 houseboat moorings at Woodham, and St John’s. These moorings are houseboat moorings only – for permit holders only.

There may occasionally be vacancies for these moorings which are administered by Surrey County Council.

How to apply

For prices, moorings availability and applications contact the Office on 01252 370073 or email [email protected].

Mooring information