Unpowered Boats and Paddleboards

All unpowered boats (canoes, kayaks, rowboats, inflatable boats, stand-up-paddleboards) require a licence

Licences can be bought online, over the phone or in person at the Canal Centre.

Members of British Canoeing are covered to use canoes, kayaks and paddleboards on the Basingstoke Canal. Please carry your membership card with you.

Commercial use of the Canal requires a separate commercial licence with the Basingstoke Canal Authority. If you intend to use the canal or any canal property in any way in conjunction with your private business, you are required to hold a commercial licence. This may include activities such as running or guiding courses, trips or tours or hiring out of canoes/kayaks/paddleboards. Please contact the office to enquire, phone 01252 370073.

All water sports are undertaken at your own risk.

Paddle Points

Launch points and routes along the Canal

Small Unpowered Boat/Paddleboard Licence

  • £5.50
  • Day
  • £16.50
  • Week
  • £45.50
  • Annual

Large Unpowered Boat Licence

Large unpowered boats which are manually propelled boats exceeding Three rowers or capable of taking 6 persons in total on board. Also all boats over 20ft (6m) in overall length.

  • £8
  • Day
  • £25.50
  • Week
  • £68
  • Annual