Ms Lorraine Brown

Raised, educated and having spent much of my working life in Hampshire I feel I have a level of knowledge about the area from a wide variety of perspectives, plus a physical connection with the County which should prove useful to this project.

My experience is based on having a core professional background in public/environmental health, a discipline which covers matters effecting the health and well being of the community and individuals within it , then more latterly as Director of Environment and Economic Development at Southampton City Council.

This role also included responsibility for planning, regeneration, transport, waste and sustainability within the City and with key external partners. Working as part of the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire initiative I also developed a wide understanding of the challenges relating to developing a sustainable and positive future for the region as a whole.

Since 2012 I have been Chair of the Southern Region Flood and Coastal Erosion Committee, appointed by the Secretary of State for the Environment ,working with the Environment Agency , Local Authorities and others to ensure that communities facing flood risk in the region receive appropriate assistance to reduce that risk. This role has also increased my knowledge and understanding of the impacts of Climate Change on both urban and rural areas the region.