McCloud Age Discrimination review/ Remedy

When the Police Pension Scheme 2015 was introduced, some members of the previous police pension schemes who were closest to their normal pension age were given 'protection' and remained in their legacy scheme after April 2015. After a legal challenge (the McCloud case), the courts determined that these protections were age discriminatory.

Find out about the McCloud Case and the Remedy

You may also find the following leaflets from the National Police Chiefs' Council (NPPC) helpful:

McCloud Age Discrimination review and Annual allowance

Usually we send details of pension savings to all members likely to be affected by an annual allowance charge, by 6 October each year. However, this year, if you are affected by the age discrimination Remedy then you will not receive a pensions saving statement for the year 2022/23 by October.

Due to the Remedy the deadline for affected members to receive a pension savings statement for the year 2022/23 has been moved to 6 October 2024, with the deadline for scheme pays as 6 July 2025.

McCloud Age Discrimination scams

We have become aware that third party organisations are contacting members of public service pension schemes, such as the Police Pension Scheme, selling their help in claiming the 2015 Remedy (McCloud) benefits.

Hampshire Pension Services, will not request a fee for providing this information.  You do not need to go through a third party to claim these benefits and we will contact you in due course to provide you with your remedial service statement to allow you to make your remedy option.

Please remember to stay vigilant. If you are unsure or have any concerns over a potential scam, please contact us for clarification.

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