About the scheme

Police Pension Scheme 1987 (PPS 1987)

All new recruits to the police service before 6 April 2006 became members of the PPS, unless they opted out of the scheme. PPS is a 'final salary' scheme, which means the pension is based on service and final pay.

  • Pension is worth 1/60 of your final pay for each year of service up to 20 years, then 2/60 for the following 10 years, to a maximum of 40/60
  • Periods of part-time service are scaled down. If you are a part-time PC or Sergeant, flat-rate overtime counts towards service
  • Part-time pay is scaled up to the whole-time equivalent
  • There is an option to convert some of your pension to a retirement lump sum
  • There is an option to buy extra pension called added 60ths, within the overall limit of 40/60ths
Ill health and injury benefits
  • Pension and lump sum will be paid immediately if you become ill or disabled
  • An enhanced pension if you have 5 years or more service
  • An injury component if you are retired on ill health grounds having been injured whilst on duty
Death benefits
  • Death grant worth two times your pay if you die in service, paid to your husband, wife or civil partner
  • Pension for your husband, wife or civil partner – paid for life unless they remarry, enter in to a civil partnership or cohabit
  • Pensions for eligible children, including legitimate or adopted children