Change in circumstances

If you need to update the information we hold for you, write to Pension Services as soon as possible, including your National Insurance number.

Change of address

If you change any of your personal details, please let us know as soon as possible. The easiest way to do this is through our Member Portal where you can change:

  • your address, name or martial status,
  • the bank/building society account details where your pension is paid,
  • your 'expression of wish' for payment of a death grant, 

view your:

  • payslips and your P60,
  • tax code changes,

and also:

download your payslip/P60 for reference or printing. 

Alternatively, you can write to us at:

Hampshire Pension Services
The Castle
SO23 8UB


  • please include your National Insurance number in all correspondence
  • for change of name, please send a clear copy of the relevant certificate (e.g. marriage certificate, change of name by deed poll).

We cannot accept changes of address by email or over the telephone. 

Change of bank or building society account

Tell us if you change your bank or building society account. You can change your bank details for a UK account through our Member Portal.

If you are unable to use the Portal or you wish to pay to an overseas account, print and complete one of the following forms to notify us of the change:

Alternatively, you can notify us in writing (but not email) of changes to your bank or building society account details. Please include:

  • your National Insurance number,
  • details of your new account (do check these carefully as an error can delay your payments),
  • your signature.

Note: We need new details by the 18th of the month in order to apply them to the end of month payment. 

You may wish to keep your old account open until payments are being sent to your new account. We will write to tell you when we have updated your record.

Marriage or civil partnership

Change your marital status through our Member Portal. Alternatively, write to us with a clear photocopy of your marriage or civil partnership certificate. Include your national insurance number to help us identify your record. 

If you would like to know how much your partner's pension would be if you were to die, enclose a Request for a estimate of partner's pension form.

Divorce or dissolution of civil partnership

Send us a clear photocopy of your decree absolute and final pension sharing order - if applicable. Include your national insurance number to help us identify your record. 

Change of Name

 Send us a clear photocopy of your change of name deed and include your national insurance number. 

Taking a new job
You need to tell us if you are re-employed as a Police officer after claiming your pension.