Added years

New Police Pension Scheme 2006 (NPPS 2006)

If you will not accrue the maximum 35 years' pensionable service before your normal retirement date, then you may be able to buy up to 5 years' extra service to increase your police pension benefits. Years of service bought this way are known as added years.

  • Added years are expensive compared to your usual pension contributions because your employer does not contribute towards them
  • Added years are a long-term commitment. If you choose to buy them, you will have to contribute until a date you choose between your 55th birthday and the compulsory retirement age for your rank
  • If you retire or are awarded a deferred pension before you have finished buying any added years, then the added years service you originally asked to buy will be reduced in line with the contributions that you have made
  • If you die or retire on ill-health grounds any added years you elected to buy are treated as though paid and all of the service is credited when calculating any benefits

Contact Pensions Services for information about added years and the estimated costs of buying them