Pensionable pay

New Police Pension Scheme 2006 (NPPS 2006)

Pensionable pay

You pay contributions from your pensionable pay.

Pensionable pay includes:

  • salary
  • additional salary on temporary promotion
  • competence related threshold payments
  • some overtime pay for part time officers

Pensionable pay does not include:

  • housing allowance
  • transitional rent allowance
Final pay

Your pension will be based on your membership and final pay when you leave service or opt out. Full time pay is always used to calculate final pay, even for part time officers.

Final pay will be the greatest of:

  • pensionable pay in the 12 months before you retire
  • pensionable pay from one of the preceding two years
  • pensionable pay averaged over any three consecutive years in the seven years before that

If pay from a year before your final year is used, it will be increased to account for inflation.

If you opted out and then re-joined the NPPS

If you have opted out of the NPPS and then re-joined less than three years before you retire, final pay will be based on the pay at the end of each period, with pay at the point you opted out increased to reflect inflation.