Death and benefits summary

New Police Pension Scheme 2006 (NPPS 2006)

If you die whilst contributing to the NPPS and have contributed for at least two years, your partner or children may receive a pension.

A death grant lump sum worth three times your annual pensionable pay may also be payable.

Partner's pension

If you die your partner may receive a pension, payable for life. Partners include:

  • husband, wife or civil partner
  • nominated partner subject to certain conditions
Children's pensions

Children's pensions for eligible children, including:

  • natural children
  • adopted children
  • stepchildren
  • any child dependent on you at your death

If you die, any eligible children's pensions will be a proportion of the pension you would have been entitled to.

Death grant

If you die in service, a lump sum death grant may paid to your spouse, civil partner, nominated partner or nominee (if you do not have a partner).

Gratuity to estate

If you die and the payments due to your dependants (excluding the death grant) are less than your total pension contributions, the balance of those contributions will be paid to your estate.