Deferred pension

New Police Pension Scheme 2006 (NPPS 2006)

Your pension will have become deferred if you left service or opted out of the NPPS before age 55 with at least two years' qualifying service.

Qualifying service is:

  • the calendar length of police service during which you contributed to the NPPS plus
  • any previous service or employment that you have transferred into the NPPS

Your deferred pension is payable can only be paid once you have left service. It can be paid from:

  • age 65
  • age 55, pension and lump sum will be reduced for early payment
  • any age, without reductions, if you are disabled for all regular employment

The value of your deferred pension is index linked.

Claiming your deferred pension

Complete a Retirement declaration form up to three months before your pension is due, and send it to Pensions Services.

  • If you are thinking about claiming your deferred pension early, contact Hampshire Police to ask for an estimate.
  • If you were dismissed or required to resign under the conduct regulations, your pension can only be paid early at Hampshire Constabulary's discretion.