Retiring summary

New Police Pension Scheme 2006 (NPPS 2006)

Your pension will be paid to you if you meet any of the following conditions when you leave service:

  • If you leave service age 55 or over
  • If you opted out of the NPPS and continued in employment, your pension can be paid if you leave service age 55 or over. Deferred pensions paid before age 65 are reduced for early payment
  • Hampshire Constabulary is retiring you on grounds of ill health and has told you that you will receive your pension
Ordinary pension

An ordinary pension will be paid to you if you leave service at age 55 or over, with at least two years' qualifying service. Qualifying service is:

  • the calendar length of police service during which you contributed to the NPPS plus
  • any previous service or employment that you have transferred into the NPPS

If you are at least age 55 and have completed 35 years' service (or could have done if you had not opted out) you may have to retire if your police authority decides that your retention in the force is not in the general interests of efficiency.

Final pay

Your pension will be based on your membership and final pay. Final pay will be the greatest of:

  • Pensionable pay in the 12 months before you retire
  • Pensionable pay from one of the preceding two years
  • Pensionable pay averaged over any three consecutive years in the seven years before that

If pay from a year before your final year is used, it will be increased to account for inflation.

How do I claim my pension?

When you inform Hampshire Constabulary that you plan to retire they will give you a Retirement declaration form to complete. Pensions Services will write to tell you the amount of your pension and any lump sum.

  • If you are being retired due to ill health Hampshire Constabulary will arrange a medical examination for you
  • If your deferred pension is due to be paid, write to Pensions Services rather than contact Hampshire Constabulary
How long will it take to pay my pension?

Once we have your form and the other information we need, it will take four weeks to calculate your benefits and pay any lump sum.

  • The lump sum cannot be paid until your retirement date. Once paid, it will take your bank or building society up to four days (Monday to Friday) to make the money available to you
  • Your pension will be paid from the next available payroll date
Pension estimates

If you are thinking about retiring in the next year or two and would like an estimate, contact Hampshire Constabulary. Once we receive the request from them we will process your estimate within three weeks. For an idea of how your pension will be calculated, see Active members.