Death and benefits summary

Police Pension Scheme 1987 (PPS 1987)

If you die the following death benefits may be payable:

  • A pension for your husband, wife or civil partner – paid for life unless they later marry, enter into a civil partnership or cohabit
  • Pensions for eligible children, including legitimate or adopted children
  • A death grant worth two times your pay if you die in service paid to your husband, wife, civil partner or estate if you do not have a partner
  • You may also be covered by the injury scheme if you die because of an injury received on duty

The benefits will depend on your personal circumstances, pensionable service and whether you die in service, after leaving or once your pension is being paid.

Gratuity to estate

If you die and the payments due to your dependants (excluding the death grant) are less than your total pension contributions, the balance of those contributions will be paid to your estate.