Deferred pensions

Police Pension Scheme 1987 (PPS 1987)

Your pension will become deferred if you leave service or opt out of the PPS before it is due to be paid. Its value will be index linked and we will send you a pension statement every year. Please remember to write to us if you move home.

When your pension can be paid

Your pension can be paid from:

  • Age 60
  • Age 50 if you left with at least 25 years' service
  • Any age if you become disabled for the ordinary duties of a police officer
Calculating your pension

Your pension will be calculated as though you had worked to your normal retirement age and then scaled down to reflect your actual length of service. Your pension would also be scaled down to reflect any periods of part time service.

When you claim your pension you will be able to exchange (commute) some annual pension from a lump sum. If you claim your deferred pension at age 50 the maximum lump sum you can take is limited to 2.25 times your annual pension.

For more information about claiming your pension, see Retirement.

Example calculation

If you could have left at age 55 with 25 years' service, but instead you left at age 40 with 10 years' service and final pay of £30,000:

  1. First, your pension would be worked out as if you'd retired at 55:
    (£30,000 × 30) ÷ 60 = £15,000
  2. Then it would be scaled down to reflect that you had 10 years' service:
    (£15,000 × 10) ÷ 25 = £6,000

Your pension would be £6,000 a year