Opting out

Police Pension Scheme 1987 (PPS 1987)

You can stop paying pension contributions at any time. This is known as opting out. You can opt in again to become a member of the New Police Pension Scheme, but you will not be able to rejoin if you opt out a second time.

You can opt out of the pension scheme at any time by contacting the Pensions Administration Team or by completing an Opt out form. Your pension benefits would become deferred and their value would be index linked.

  • If you opt out of the Police Pension Scheme you cannot rejoin it. You may choose to opt into the New Police Pension Scheme instead
  • After 30 years' service in the Police Pension Scheme you will not build up any more pensionable service
  • Pension will be based on salary when you opted out, not taking into account future promotions or pay rises
  • You will be taxed on the extra income you receive
  • Your next of kin will not receive a death grant lump sum if you die in service, and their pension will not be enhanced