Four reasons why you and your child should take a trip to your local library

Aug 25 2023

a young girl with her family at a Hampshire Library

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Libraries extend a warm welcome to children – they’re also good sources of information and free activities for families. For many people, the reason they start to spend more time in libraries is because they want to encourage a love of reading in children, but libraries offer much more. Here are four reasons why you and your child should make the most of your local library.

Reading and attainment

a student reading a book at a library

It’s no surprise that reading for pleasure in children is positively linked to their educational attainment. When a child enjoys reading and reads regularly, they’re more likely to do well in school. As they read more, they develop their vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing skills. On top of this, they have the opportunity develop their general knowledge, and understanding of other people’s cultures and experiences.

Expand your social circle

Libraries are increasingly recognised as social spaces, and this is especially true across Hampshire’s branches. There are lots of activities for children where they can explore their interests and learn new skills. These clubs are also incredibly valuable for parents too. Whether you attend a rhyme time with your little one, or take your older child to construction club , you’ll have the opportunity to meet other adults in the same position as you.

Finding people going through the same experiences as you is vital. Whether you’ve got a newborn or welcomed an older child into your home, it can be a challenging and isolating time. The friends you make at these groups can be an important part of your support network as you navigate a time of major change.

Bond over books

a mother and daughter reading a book together

Reading aloud with your child can benefit them in so many ways. Not only does it help develop their vocabulary and imagination, but it can help establish special bonds between you and your child. As you share stories, discover favourite lines, and learn together, you and your child create new memories and share precious moments. You can spark conversation about what you’ve read, giving you the space to understand each other better.

Feel inspired

Whatever your interest, libraries are great places to learn. Libraries contain a wealth of information and resources on different subjects that can be explored for necessity or for pleasure.

Whether your child needs to do research for a school project, or you want to find recipes you can both cook together, you’ll be able to find what you need in a library.

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